After your tickets sell, you will be instructed to transfer your tickets from your account with the original ticketing retailer to the email address that your buyer specified when purchasing the tickets. For Gigs & Tours purchases, you will find your tickets in the SeeTickets Wallet app. Please ensure you are logged into the correct area of the app. There is a Gigs and Tours section and a SeeTickets section. Your tickets will appear under the area of the site you originally booked through, however please note that tickets may sometimes not be available in the app until up to one week prior to the event date.

Please select the "Share" option to transfer the tickets.

Your buyer will also need to download and open an account on the SeeTickets Wallet app and accept the transfer to that account. They must use the email address that the transfer email was sent to. Please note that the transfer does NOT take place over Twickets’ system, so will not appear in either the buyer or seller’s Twickets account.